I've linked my PhotoBucket to my gallery until I get the official gallery up and running. I've sorted them by cosplay, so dip in and take a peek!

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Cosplay Profile – Little Sister, Bioshock

The costume – This was my fourth cosplay. Bioshock is one of my favorite games and the only game I have played to 100% completion a.k.a. I got every achievement. I fell in love with these Little Sisters, their backstory, their place in society. Around this time, cosplay was really starting to pick up in […]

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15 Minutes of Fame

Prepare to get dirty, crass and half-dressed. I spent some time on You-Tube recently and I have come across some fun videos from my cosplay past! Well, it’s kind of cosplay. I’m a former champion and judge of the Sakura-Con Anime Swimsuit Contest for five years. I was runner up two years and took the […]

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BlizzCon 2015 – Post Con Update

A second time at BlizzCon and it was even better than last year. Why did I ever say you only need to go to big conventions like this once?! Well, it’s been agreed, if I can afford it, I need to go to BlizzCon all the time. This year was an absolute blast. It could […]

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