Rose City Comic Con Cosplay Contest

Below you will find both reference photos and photos of the build as it currently stands. Physical costume, including wig, shoes, skirt, bodice, bottom wings and all accessories have been completed. Illumination is complete on the costume with five separate illuminating LED stars. Top wings and prop are a work in progress, but are guaranteed to be complete by day of event. LED installation for prop is complete. See proof photo of prop status as of 06/22/2021.

Original game splash art – My design features both sets of chest details and the four pointed chest star seen here.
Original game art model of Star Guardian Soraka. I combine the chest detail from this design and from the splash art together for my build. From this model, I picked my inspiration for my wig design and the build for my horsehoof heels.
Head to toe cosplay: Featuring fully styled wig with five separate head accessories; a fitted top with armor accents, rhinestones and three LED illuminated stars; gloves and illuminating arm bands; a multi-tier organza petticoat and bloomers; horsehair braid circle skirt with custom trim and rhinestones; false thigh-highs with armor decoration; horsehoof heels featuring armor and wing accessories, and two lower wings made from produce packing material and foam.
Prop as of 06/22/2021 – All LEDs have been placed and installed, upper and lower wing connection to be done, bottom “key” accented to be produced. Prop to be primed, painted and sealer. Breaks into three segments for travel, LED battery source lives in largest wing.

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