New photoshoot: Jean Grey Photoshoot

I chose this version of Jean Grey because I had never really seen anyone do it before. On the Marvel stage at New York Comic Con 2014, even Yaya Han said she’d never seen this version before, but I watched the crap out of this cartoon as a kid, so it was really close to my heart. I made this cosplay as a last minute project for NYCC the first year I was in NYC. It was my first spandex project, and I was terrified of screwing it up or cutting it wrong, but the fit came out perfect. So perfect, it’s damn near impossible to put on and take off XD This cosplay was traded away in Winter 2018.

Photoshoot and editing by AJ Brooks

Published by Red Leaf Cosplay

I am an ambitious cosplayer and a professional prop maker. I hope to make a career of cosplaying, modeling other artists' cosplays, and making props.

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