New Photoshoot: Sansa Stark

A cosplay that came out of my year while I was living in New York. Something I drew on for transformation. I looked to Sansa in the series while I was living in NYC. I was lonely, on my own. I wasn’t sure who was really my friend and if the relationships I had with certain people were genuine. It was rough living there. Well, Sansa had it rough too. The two of us reached an accord during those 18 months. Here’s what resulted when we finally moved home to Portland.

Cosplay Profile – Little Sister, Bioshock


  • The costume – This was my fourth cosplay. Bioshock is one of my favorite games and the only game I have played to 100% completion a.k.a. I got every achievement. I fell in love with these Little Sisters, their backstory, their place in society. Around this time, cosplay was really starting to pick up in popularity, and sexiness in cosplay was becoming more and more common. I didn’t want to just be another sexy girl. I wanted to be scary. Little Sister became the first character for any major propwork for a cosplay, the first to generate a backstory (as I have gone on to do for other characters), and the first that I genuinely did a complete immersion when I was in full costume. This costume design and interpretation is based on a hybrid between the Little Sisters seen in Bioshock and Bioshock 2.
  • The parts

    • The Dress – Since my sewing skills still weren’t good yet, I used a preexisting dress I found at a vintage store. The dress itself dates to the 1920s and was just the color I wanted to work with. My friend, Heidi, donated some sewing skills to make the lace pinafore that goes across the chest, sewed on the buttons, and made the apron from scratch. I don’t think I could get more accurate in terms of style, but this dress went through a hell of a lot of distressing before it reached the final product. My friend, Ashlie, did the distressing. I think she worked with coffee, paint, fire and an assortment of cutting implements to totally destroy this historical garment. The final product was exactly what I wanted – a dirty, falling-apart dress that a little girl had been crawling around in for a long time in an abandoned city. Let’s just say when I wear this cosplay, if I get something on my hands, I just wipe them off on my dress. This cosplay cannot get any grungier.
    • The Adam Gun – While I had lots of help with the construction of the dress, I had enough skill and inspiration to build the Adam Gun on my own. I went off  a design from Harrison Krix of Volpin Props for the Adam Gun he created. I started my construction process with a vintage gas pump that I bought off of eBay for ~$40. From there, I took it to a plumbing store where I played with plastic plumbing pieces to create a mount for the Adam container that would rest on the gun. The parts all fit on there very snugly, but I was sure to pretty much cover everything in e6000 to make sure it stayed together. The Adam container is just a larger size jar from baby food. YES, BABY FOOD. And the Adam nipples, those are also from the BABY DEPARTMENT. The nipple fits tight over the top of the jar, and covered the seal with a piece of elastic that I painted bronze. Other misc. parts in the gun include lamps parts and a sharpened dowel for the needle. After it was assembled, I wacked the shit out of it with a wrench to get some distressing marks and then painted it. I even added some red marks around the handle to give the effect that I picked it up with a bloodied hand. In contrast to the Volpin Props Adam Gun, mine doesn’t light up from the base, but! It is functional! I can drink Adam right from the gun, just like a Little Sister would. I usually fill it up with red Rockstar or cranberry juice. I tried lots of liquids before I settled on ones that were the right color of red I wanted.
    • Makeup and Contacts – This was the first cosplay I incorporated the use of stage makeup and color contacts into a cosplay – yay for using my Technical Theater degree! In my first go-around with Little Sister, I only did stage makeup for my face. In later versions, I added full body makeup to drastically change my body tone and to cover up all my tattoos. I did this for Crown Cosplay Championships, and the result made me much paler than I usually am. I got yellow contacts from my eye doctor, and if you want contacts, that’s the way to go to make sure you don’t get cheap ones that damage your eyes!
    • Choreography – You read that right! I did some sessions playing the game to perfect a classic movement style for Little Sister. If you look below at the CCC video, you can see an example of my movement!
  • Research – I played Bioshock. A lot. To the point that I unlocked every single achievement. I also did a lot of photo research online. For makeup, I really love this photo in particular


  • I did a lot of test runs with makeup and it took me a couple tries to figure out how to get contacts in since I had never worn them before in my life, but I think all the time I spent playing the game was all the research I really needed XD
  • The Finished Product – From cosplay that almost wasn’t finished in time (surprising for any cosplayer >_>) to what is now my award winning cosplay and the one I probably most well known for, Little Sister is where my cosplay heart always rests at the end of the day. It was a collaborative effort and the inspiration for me to move forward with my cosplay career and do bigger, better things. She and I went on to have our first major photoshoot together, to win Best Performance at New York Comic Con, and to be invited to the first ever Crown Cosplay Championship at C2E2. I’m proud of this little girl and her life under the sea. It has inspired me to aspire to greatness, and I can’t let her down.

I am 4:54! This guy gives me mega-props. Thanks, Rush Down ^^



New Photoshoot: Robe of Departed Spirits


Most of the coverage on my website has featured the development of this robe from when I originally said I would start working on it to when I finally finished the robe and debuted it at BlizzCon 2014. Now, with my new cosplay photographer, AJ Brooks, we managed to find some time to sneak off to the woods and do a photo shoot. At last, I give you the Robe of Departed Spirits (done as a female Blood Elf). Pleas enjoy this photos as this is one of my most exciting photoshoots to date!


Cosplay Profile – Asuka Langley Sohryu, Neon Genesis Evangelion


  • The costume – This was my second cosplay I ever worked on and completed. I certainly didn’t make it easy on myself. I didn’t have very many skills as far as costume crafting goes, but I was passionate and determine to do this costume. I am a redheaded, spunky German girl, and so is Asuka. I love Evangelion and revere it as one of the best animes ever created. I could have done Asuka’s school uniform, or her yellow dress from her episode debut, but I got crazy and just HAD to do the plugsuit. This is the original plugsuit version from the original 26 episodes.
  • The parts – This costume just had one part – the plugsuit itself. It was all one piece of costume, if that makes sense. Everything revolved around a zentai suit that I altered to have all the detail and all the features of the plugsuit.
  • The research – I watched EVA several times to watch for range of motion and try to understand these crazy plugsuits. I looked at other cosplayers online to try and understand how they worked with certain materials or how they had featured some of the details. As my second cosplay, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into! My knowledge of some materials was so limited and that point I was really just running on positive energy. I wanted to create a cosplay for a character that I was passionate about.
  • The construction process – I started with the zentai suit, and with the help of my mother (my primary cosplay support eight years ago), we gradually added pieces to the costume with a variety of adhesives and sewing methods. Many parts of the fabric were mounted on foam to create dimension, so that some of the details really stood out against the red background. I had to have assistance because at the time, I didn’t have a dress form, so in order to get some of the details to be placed correctly, I would have to be wearing the whole body suit and my hands would be covered! My mom didn’t really understand what kind of hobby I was getting into, but she helped me out all the same. In the days before learning about using materials efficiently, moms really are the best help!
  • The finished product – For my second costume, I’m really proud of what I was able to accomplish. Not only did I find it successful, many people at the conventions I attended approved too! I was inundated with photo opportunities throughout my convention and even earned a chance of a photoshoot with Eurobeat King. His photos are featured below! I feel I learned a lot through this costuming process. Now that I know how to work with materials like spandex, if I were to redo this cosplay, I would be able to make the entire thing from scratch and sew the details in as I go. I do hope to redo this cosplay in the future because I’ve learned so much and I think I can accomplish more the second time around. In the mean time, I love what I produced for a character that I adore so much!





Cosplay Profile – Winry Rockbell, Fullmetal Alchemist

  • The costume – This was an awesome cosplay to start my career off with. It was my first year at an anime convention, and Fullmetal Alchemist was insanely popular in the States. I was a blonde at the time, and I have always been a skinny girl, so this would be a fairly easy costume to create as my first ever cosplay. I chose Winry’s mechanic outfit that she is most commonly seen in throughout the anime. This cosplay debuted at my first anime convention, Sakura-Con in 2005, and re-debuted at Sakura-Con in 2012 just for giggles. I did have to wear a wig though (not a blonde anymore!) and it didn’t work as well ^_^;;
  • The parts – For all the parts of her costume, I will start at the top of her head and work my way down: 1) Maroon bandana, 2) Black tube top, 3) Very worn leather gloves, with a brownish/greenish tint to them, 4) Lavender coveralls, rolled down and tied at the waist, 5) Sandals or loafers for shoes

  • The research – I managed to score a Winry figurine in her mechanic outfit from my job at Suncoast, and the colors were very similar to what she was wearing in the TV series. From my first cosplay, I learned that figurines can be very reliable in a lot of cases where you can’t see the back of the costume in a game or series. Though commonly, colors between the manga and the animation differed, I decided to go with the more common color combo from the anime. I look online at and saw a whole mess of Winrys wearing all different colors: bright red bandanas, brown or blue coveralls, and frankly, I was very confused with where people were getting their color ideas for this costume. I stuck with my figurine and the screen shots from the series.

  • The construction process – This was a very easy costume to put together. The hardest thing was getting coveralls that would work. I didn’t want to any pieces of my costume to be inaccurate, so I bought some size small white coveralls off the internet, and dyed them in my washer. I used standard purple Rit dye, and I just didn’t let them stew for very long. They came out a perfect shade of lavender to match the animation color. I bought some maroon fabric at Jo-Ann’s and ripped it in a couple spots to make it easier to tie around my ponytail. The tube top was a cheap score from Hot Topic, off the clearance rack. It had a little cherry decal on it, so I just folded it in half, and that actually helped to keep it from falling down. With my first run of the cosplay, I tried to make some fancy orange sandals that matched my figurine. I threw them away after Day 1 because they kept falling apart. Instead, I used some brown clogs because they were more comfy, and with as baggy as my coveralls came out to be, you couldn’t see the clogs anyways. I borrowed some really worn gloves from my tech theater program at school, and my teacher said they were so worn out that i could keep them for my cosplay. The wrench was another item I borrowed, and was eventually told to keep because it went so well with my cosplay.