I’m Back from April

I realize I did no updates in April. It was a sea of busyness that I just couldn’t get out of. I was trying to finish two costumes, spent a week in Oregon and Washington and then had Crown Cosplay the very next weekend. I was ridiculously busy. In real life, my fiance is trying to his 2nd Masters at NYU so he’s also ridiculously busy. I am still working two jobs, but I am moving in the direction of trying to have only one job, keeping the one that makes more money and will be more profitable as I move towards the summer. I’ve decided not to be too strict about any kind of cosplay schedule with deadlines and assigning specific cosplays for specific conventions. I want to focus on what I want to do what I feel like doing it, and not hold myself hostage to finish projects that aren’t planning out well with materials that I can’t find with the time period I have. Like, for example, I really want to do my Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay. I have managed to find a good green fabric to use, but I am still troubleshooting pattern & construction for the jumperskirt. I also want to be able to dedicate a solid month to learning baton twirling so I can twirl my wand, just like Sakura. Performance is one of the most important things to me in terms of cosplay, and this is a cosplay from my childhood, so I really don’t want to fudge it. Therefore, I don’t want to really rush this cosplay. I want to be able to give it the time it deserves and develop my skills along the way.


I have big plans for the website with my latest update. I plan to write my reviews for both Sakura-Con and Chicago Comic Con. I don’t think I’ll be writing one for Katsu-Con. It was just a terrible convention and I really don’t want it to take up space on my website. I will be uploading my latest profile for my Ashe cosplay since I am considering a 2.0 version to redo it. I also have a mega update to do regarding my Crown Cosplay competition. I have Fanime Con in San Jose in a little bit more than two weeks and a whole cosplay to finish in the progress, but I want to get the website up to speed while I have this sit down time! Stay tuned for the next few really big posts!


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I am an ambitious cosplayer and a professional prop maker. I hope to make a career of cosplaying, modeling other artists' cosplays, and making props.

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