New Photoshoot: Sailor Neptune

I was able to escape to an abandon building on the coast during this last summer and shoot some awesome, sandy photos in my new Sailor Neptune cosplay! Sailor Neptune has made several convention appearances, including  Sakura-Con 2014 and Nashville Comic Con 2014. It’s a fun, frisky and powerful cosplay for me to wear – also the first cosplay I have ever done with a wig! Easier than I ever thought would be and I simply love this wig from Epic Cosplay! They will be getting so much business from me in the future as they have broadly expanded my world and made me really love being able to chance my hair for other costumes. Using my hair is awesome, but I think having teal hair is pretty spectacular too!


Published by Red Leaf Cosplay

I am an ambitious cosplayer and a professional prop maker. I hope to make a career of cosplaying, modeling other artists' cosplays, and making props.

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